I love you baby angel

ew, please no

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Anna, you're a tit. Yours sincerely, your boyfriend.

thomas, please leave and get back to your porn blog, i don’t even like you 

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"What is Adam’s ideal girl?"

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Lawson Alphabet: is for events. 

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"Which member of the band would be most easily replaced?"

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Do you have the video link to the gif set you posted?

Yeah it’s here. The introduction is quite long but it’s fab anyways xo

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Andy you’re such a pimp. 

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Sorry for the lack of posting. I have internet but no Photoshop. Cry. I’ll be back soon.

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hehe thank you :) , yeah this is deffo one of their best interviews xox

They’re so perfect in it:’)xo

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Hey, do you have the link to the Lawson interview from the gifs you just put up please? x

Hey sorry, only just seen this, it’s here  it’s actually one of my favs, it’s fab. And sorry, I keep forgetting to put the link in the description…xox

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Save it for the bedroom

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Anyone going to the Brighton gig? Anyone fancy a meetup before the gig and a general ’stalk the sex-gods’ day?

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